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Bodrum Yalıkavak Villa, The Most Beautiful Project of Bodrum...

485 m² 6+2 villa  

750 m² garden and a private pool.

A living space that you can fulfill your needs easily with A+ quality holiday comfort…

While you enjoy life, our housekeeping service will take care of the layout and cleanliness of your home. There is also a private room reserved for your gardener to care for the garden, which is about 450-700 square meters.

A professional and experienced team is at your service 24/7.
Any technical problems you may have in your home will be solved as soon as possible.

A + quality security precautions have been taken for you to live beauties of Yalıkavak in peace…

24 hours closed circuit camera monitored, security officers will ensure your peace of mind with a continuous controlling. The meaning of ”peace of mind" will be understood much better.

Cars reach the villas through roads built under the ground. In these roads, prepared to prevent deterioration of your natural life, the presence of gases will not even be noticed by the exhaust absorption system and exhaust absorbent material we use. In addition, these closed roads where traffic is rendered invisible will be lightened both by daylight and by extra lighting systems, in this A+ quality underground road system, the night will be like a day.

5,250,000 USD 

For info contact;

Sinan Avar

+90 (534) 699 8072

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