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İstanbul Başakşehir Ihlamur Park Houses villa for sale...

In the Ihlamur Park, one of the most distinguished sites of Istanbul in one of the most distinguished districts, Basaksehir.


7 + 2

3 WC

3 Bathrooms

3,5 storey

200m2 garden and a wonderful villa with a mini football area in the garden.

Istanbul… Charming… Dazzling...Capital of three great civilizations, a city where you will fall in love very easily and leave so hard.

Başakşehir, one of the districts close to the center of Istanbul. 

Istanbul has a population of 15 million and is one of the most important mega cities in the world in economic and commercial terms.

Başakşehir have the most advanced information technologies in all services, especially health, education, public services and security, with its modern urbanism understanding and professional management. Even now it benefits. It has an area that can easily accommodate enough technology clusters for ”Smart City içinde within its borders. Başakşehir, new urbanism and smart technologies for the production of Turkey, the region and is one of the few locations that will be an example to the world.

4,590,000 TL.



For info contact;

Sinan Avar

+90 (534) 699 8072