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Datça, A Port Town on Turkish Aegean

DATCA is a small charming town located in Muğla on the Mediterranean (and Aegean) coast of Turkey. You can reach Datca by a road curving along the mountains and the waterfalls and passing through an unparallelled beauty and unique scent of pine, olive, almond and citrus trees.

The place is 67 km from Marmaris. You will also be accompanied by the wonderful scene of the Mediterranean coast all along this journey.

Datça is known for its intact nature away from stress and said to be the second best place in the world, in terms of high rate of oxygen in the air. That is certainly a good enough reason why it is very ideal for people with asthma and heart failure.

Even though the average summer temperature is 35 degrees, the suffocating humid weather is not felt here due to Dry wind blowing from north, making life comfortable. You can enjoy all kinds of sports activities such as surfing, swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters.

Datça has several resorts such as PALAMUTBÜKÜ, MESUDİYE, HAYITBÜKÜ, OVABÜKÜ

PALAMUTBÜKÜ is named after oak trees growing in the village in which almond trees and olive trees are grown, at present. The beautiful bay and the restaurants here is a must to see for tourists going on a boat tour along the coast.

You will see a gentle slope of barren hills meeting the water here with beach houses, small pensions and summer houses among the trees along the beach and also fishing boats and yachts anchored in the harbor.

HAYITBÜKÜ is a 500 meters lovely bay that lies in front of Mesudiye. Hayıtbükü is a 500 meters lovely bay that lies in front of Mesudiye. It is one of the most popular spots of Datça that hosts many restaurants, hotels and businesses. The place is known to be quite safe for families with children and offers splendid underwater beauties.

The place is 17 km away from the center of Datca. You can take the boat from Mesudiye to Hayıtbükü at certain times of the day. If you drive here in your own vehicle, it will be possible to see the neighboring villages and historical town of Cnidus.

OVABÜKÜ is another lovely bay next to Hayıtbükü and has many restaurants, apartments, hostels, hotels and businesses as well. It has a 600 meters long sandy beach quite safe for families with children.

OLD DATÇA is on the Marmaris and two kilometers from the center. Ancient Greek architecture is very distinct in the narrow streets decorated with begonias. One should not expect to see a busy life in those streets. You can taste have very tasty almonds are at this place.

KNIDOS was a city of great fame and wealth with a most convenient location along the main shipping route in the Mediterranean.

As you approach Knidos you will see a narrowing road and dropping mountains. You will see 3 bays within a couple of hundred meters at the place and ruins which you will need to use your imagination or be well informed about ancient Greek architecture, to find impressive. You will find some temples in real bad condition owing to a long time of 2000 years and a church and a bath.

Accommodation is not available here. Nor is sleeping allowed by local authorities. Datça would be the nearest place to survive.

As for eating at Knidos you will not be offered many choices either. You can get here from Datça (40 km to the east).

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