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Datca guide - Side trips to Datca from Marmaris

Datca is a quiet fishing town located 75 kilometers on the southwest of Marmaris where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meets. Datca is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The heaven nature, the barren coves and the very clean sea are the valuables of Datca. There are 52 wonderful coves around the peninsula. The Datca Peninsula offers a natural boundary between the Aegean Sea, the Gokova Gulf on the north and the Mediterranean Sea, the Hisaronu Gulf on the south. The Marmaris-Datca Road is really fascinating with its heaven nature and the environment. While you are riding, on one side you will see the Gokova Gulf, and on the other side you will see the Hisaronu Gulf. Datca is famous with its products of fish, organic vegetables, honey and almond. Datca also has a nice underwater environment that is very attractive for the divers.

Beaches around Datca

The beaches that are close to the central Datca are the Taslik, Kumluk and Azganli Beaches. It is possible to swim anywhere in a 15 kilometers of coastline heading to Marmaris. Some of the beaches are blue flagged.

Villages and Places to See around Datca

Gebekum (Pregnant Sand) Gebekum is located four kilometers from Datca. Gebekum is famous with its seven kilometers of clean sandy beach. The movement of the sands makes the beach become wider each year. The name of the place comes from this natural activity. The shallow waters allow a pass to the islands nearby the beach by walking.

The Kizlan Village Kizlan Village is located eight kilometers from Datca. The village is famous with the windmills. Kizlan Village is the most windy area of the peninsula. It worth seeing the windmills.

The Kargi Cove Kargi Cove is located three kilometers from Datca. There are public buses from central Datca. The sea is great. There are some restaurants and a pension at the shore.

The Domuz (Pig) Cove Domuz Cove is very quiet and calm place. Very suitable for the ones who like a quite holiday. There is a facility of bungalows in the region. The environment is also suitable for hiking. There are some interesting rocky formations and caves around the cove. The sea is clean and panorama with the Greek Island across the sea is wonderful.

Things to Do & See in Datca

In Datca you may experience a quiet and calm holiday. As you travel out of Datca, you will find unspoilt bays and golden sandy beaches. The beaches around worth swimming. Don't forget to visit the Kargi Cove. You may take a trip to nearby villages and make trekking as well. The district of Resadiye three kilometers by the central Datca worth seeing. You will see the Turkish stone houses there. It is better to spend your one day with a trip to Datca and Knidos from Marmaris. The environment will fascinate you for sure. As Datca is a very famous fishing town, don't forget to taste the special cuisine at the quality of restaurants. The ancient city of Knidos is worth seeing. It is located 35 kilometers on the west of Datca.

How to Get there?

Datca is located on the 75 kilometers southwest of Marmaris. You may find buses from Marmaris. And also there are ferries from Bodrum to Datca.

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