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Information about hiring a car in North Cyprus...

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Why not enjoy the island in your own time…

Hiring a car in North Cyprus  is undoubtedly the best way to see all that the country has to offer and we strongly recommend it, certainly for part of the holiday. It allows the visitor to set their own timetable and go exactly where they want and when they want. 

Consider the benefits North Cyprus car hire encompassed: travel the scenic coastal routes from the farthest point west, all the way to the tip of the Karpaz Peninsula in the east. A journey that isn’t possible on public transport. Drive the mountain routes, and take in the vistas of spectacular scenery, and have a picnic under the scented pines. See all the ancient sites and ramble through the crusader castles at leisure with no rush to move on to the next stop!

There is nothing to be worried about regarding hiring a car in North Cyprus it is very much like driving in the UK; the same side of the road, signs that are for the most part international and well-placed speed limit notices and direction signs.

It is important to pre-book your North Cyprus car hire in high season as the demand, especially for vehicles with air-conditioning, is high. The alternative ways of seeing part of the country are by using the extraordinarily erratic public bus service, which in general does not provide routes to the archaeological sites and museums, or privately hiring a taxi that will be very expensive.

For those of our visitors who really do not want to hire a car but do want to see some of the treasures a North Cyprus holiday has to offer, we provide a full range of guided tours to all the major sites.

North Cyprus car hire specifications and regulations:

Hire cars are right-hand drive unless a left-hand drive car is specifically requested.Manual and automatic are available, please state preference when booking. Cars may be calibrated in MPH or KPH; speed limits on all roads are posted in KPH.A full current driving licence is required and hirers must be over 21 years of age.

Terms and Conditions of renting a car in Northern Cyprus:

Prices do not include collision damage waiver (CDW) which is an extra £3 per day.Additional drivers are not included in the price however they can be added for an extra £3 per day.If you have booked a package holiday, transfers are included from the airport to your hotel, so you should choose to pick up and drop off your car at your hotel. The minimum booking for car hire is 3 days for pickup and drop off at your hotel.The minimum booking for car hire is 7 days for pickup and drop off at the airport. Shorter terms can be arranged, but there will be an extra charge from the car hire company. Car hire is billed in 24 hour periods. If you are arriving at night to a hotel, you should book your car from 10 am the following morning to avoid paying for an extra day. Cars are generally picked up and dropped off at around 10 am unless another specific time is requested, however, requests cannot be guaranteed.

Driving in North Cyprus is similar to driving in the UK in as much as speed limits are approximately the same on conversion. 100KPH on the motorway and 50KPH in town, a 65KPH limit is posted on the approach to junctions and the use of speed cameras is countrywide. Speeding fines are heavy. Drunken driving will not be tolerated and anyone failing a breath test may well spend the night in the local police station. Seat belts are compulsory for drivers and front-seat passengers.

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