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Mugla is a small Turkish city, situated inland lies at a distance of about 30 km from the nearest sea coast. This lovely city has popular tourist resorts such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and also the smaller resorts of Sarigerme, Ortaca, Dalaman, Koycegiz, Milas and Datca.

Welcome to the city where the time stops. Mugla is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations located in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is a lovely city with its traditional old houses, narrow streets, surprising history, fascinating natural beauty, stunning coves, crystal clear waters, majestic ancient cities and lively daily life. Every year travelers from all around the world come to Mugla to witness the natural beauty and ancient history.

The province of Mugla is situated on the southwest corner of Turkey, at the intersection of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. It has been ruled by the Caria, Lycia, Persian, Macedonian civilizations and by the Mentesogullari Seigniory and the Ottoman Empire. The city has 6000 year old history.

The place of unforgettable vacations, Mugla is one of the important attraction points of our country. It is the heart of activities like health, sports, nature, entertainment, nautical, culture, history as well as the conventional tourism sector formed of the sun, sea and sand trio.

This is Mugla, which welcomes millions of domestic and foreign visitors every year. With its great coastline, beautiful resort towns, characteristic Aegean villages, verdant forests, Mugla is home to the most important destinations of Turkey.

Music, theatre, concerts, conventions, sports and traditional carnivals. Every year, Mugla and its towns organize the international and local events and festivals.

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